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SERVE Week Sponsors!

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Your Gifts Make a Lasting Difference

SERVE Noblesville is more than service projects. It spreads the spirit of belonging and civic engagement to our families and communities. Our events encourage team building and bring interaction from individuals, businesses, organizations, and the faith community.

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  • Participation in event receive recognition for community engagement.

  • Engage employees, family, friends and youth in a hands-on, high energy volunteer experience in a unique setting.

  • Empower our neighbors to serve in various ways in the community.

  • Includes all recognition and benefits listed in chart below. 

  • To guarantee benefits sign-up today. We will do our best but Sponsor benefits cannot be guaranteed if you have not committed by April 15th!

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Serve Noblesville has launched a scholarship! This scholarship recognizes and support college students who have shown active engagement with Serve Noblesville and while also leading in other community service opportunities. 

The scholarship is for $500 and is renewable for up to 4-years as the candidates show continued engagement and leadership in community service. 

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Each year Serve Noblesville has a little board competition to see who can raise the most money for Giving Tuesday. We encourage members to raise $250 each from their friends, family, and associates. This amount provides a sponsorship for a Serve Week project or a FUN Fest Booth. So whether it is $5 or $100, help the board member of your choice out. BE SURE TO NAME THEM IN THE COMMENTS so they get credit! 


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Sponsor a project for $250 or part of sponsorship for less. Some projects require multiple sponsorships to get completed. If you provide a $250 or more Sponsorship, you'll get a chance in the spring to pick the project you want your sponsorship to go toward. Get creative, look for opportunities that improve our community and bring it to us to consider. If we can pull the resources together, we'll do our best to get it done! Let's have some fun making a difference. 

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FUN Fest is about FOOD, UNITY, and NEIGHBORS! Your booth sponsorship helps to cover support the cost of our booth hosts who usually are offering their own personal and unique experience at the event. In the spring, you will have a chance to select and meet your booth hosts and to work alongside them, if you choose, to bring the elements of their booth to the festival.