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Your Gifts Make a Lasting Difference

SERVE Noblesville is more than service projects. It spreads the spirit of belonging and civic engagement to our families and communities. Our events encourage team building and bring interaction from individuals, businesses, organizations, and the faith community.

Donate: What We Do


  • Participation in event receive recognition for community engagement.

  • Engage employees, family, friends and youth in a hands-on, high energy volunteer experience in a unique setting.

  • Empower our neighbors to serve in various ways in the community.

  • Includes all recognition and benefits listed in chart below. 

  • To guarantee benefits sign-up today. We will do our best but Sponsor benefits cannot be guaranteed if you have not committed by April 15th!

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SERVE Scholarship

  • Serve Noblesville offers a scholarship that recognizes and supports students who have shown active engagement in community service opportunities. 

  • Students who plan to attend a trade school, 2-year,  or 4-year colleges and universities are eligible.

  • The scholarship is for $500 and is renewable for up to 4-years as the candidates show continued engagement and leadership in community service. 

  • Show your support by donating to the scholarship, as support grows we will increase the scholarship amount!

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Won't You Be Our Neighbor? 

Families and individuals can now easily support the ongoing work of Serve Noblesville with a Serve Neighbor Membership!

Your annual membership will help us continue our community-building activities through neighborhood beautification, the community Giveaway, the mural walkway, and much more.


Contribute a minimum of $100 annually to receive benefits. And if you commit to at least $250 annually you will also receive the benefit of being named as a Sponsor for a specific project.

Donate: Welcome

Become a Patron!

Serve Patrons is our membership program for businesses that want to support Serve Noblesville in an affordable, consistent, and easy way. As a Serve Patron, your gift will help us continue our community-building activities through neighborhood beautification, neighborhood activation, Serve Week, FUN Fest, Come Together Week, and more.


You are only asked for $250 annually as long you renew your Patron Level Membership - we will never ask you for more than you choose to give as a Patron. However, you have the option to increase your sponsorship for any Serve Noblesville events and programs as you choose.

Partner Channel

Partner Channel



Serve Noblesville stands as a beacon of community engagement, fostering a sense of belonging and connection among its participants through thoughtfully curated programming.


Our organization's commitment to serving the Noblesville community is evident in the diverse range of initiatives and events that aim to address various needs and interests. 


While based in Noblesville, we serve all of Hamilton County and look forward to working with the wonderful neighbors that we meet and the assets they share for the collective good! 

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