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SERVE Noblesville has been increasing its impact since its early days as part of Faith, Hope, Love. In 2008, the Noblesville initiative had 57 volunteers and 11 partners/groups who worked on a total of 12 projects in the community. In 2018, it had 650 volunteers and 53 partners/groups who completed a total of 58 projects during the four-day blitz.

The growth coincides with a shift from neighborhood-focused projects to community-wide initiatives. Anyone can submit project ideas to SERVE Noblesville, and if volunteers can get it done, they will. Nothing is off-limits.

Since its formation in 2012, SERVE Noblesville has engaged more than 4,100 volunteers to help with nearly 265 community projects.

About: Who We Are


SERVE Noblesville uses community projects to create connections that wouldn't happen otherwise. Neighbors come together with a shared goal of making a difference. While the projects help improve the livability of Noblesville -- making it more healthy, active and beautiful -- the real power of SERVE Noblesville lies in its ability to connect the people who create that stronger community.

The fact that SERVE Noblesville has continued to grow, even as potential volunteers' lives become busier and more demanding, is a testament to its ability to make those meaningful connections.

Some volunteers make SERVE Noblesville an annual tradition, taking vacation to spend time with their SERVE Noblesville friends. Some make it a family affair, introducing the community-service mindset to multiple generations. Still others find themselves on the receiving end of a SERVE Noblesville project, then later volunteer to help someone else who needs a hand.

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Committed to SERVE

About: Meet the Team
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Board of Directors

Patrick has been the lead pastor since 2011 at Faith Community Church. Prior to that he served there for 7 years as the Pastor of Youth and Family. He and his wife Kami have been married since 2001 after meeting one another at Anderson University. They have three kids: Jada, Asher, and Hines. They rescued Brutus in the summer of 2016, Brutus is the Propsts’ Shar Pei and Boxer mix. Patrick’s passion is about building community, extending hospitality, and making the Gospel message beautiful and compelling to those who experience it. Patrick has been involved in SERVE Noblesville when it was in partnership as Faith, Hope, and Love in 2009. He loves the conversations and relationships that SERVE Noblesville brings to the community while also helping to make the community better. Patrick loves doing things with his family, watching movies, he has a PEZ collection, enjoys the outdoors, working with his hands, and riding his motorcycle.

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