Register for the project of your choice. Order one of our new soft heather red T-Shirts with a fresh design. And get the latest updates on projects, events, and news for the week of SERVE.


Thank you for the project submittals! We've reached our project limit for 2020. 

We look forward to consiering additonal projects for SERVE Week 2021. Check back in the Spring! 


SERVE Noblesville is recruiting Project Leaders to help guide volunteers projects during our SERVE Week event. Our Project Leaders are the life force for SERVE Week. Each project that gets submitted must have a Project Leader willing to oversee it before we will commit do doing the project.


It's great to give back to the community in service. It's even better to do with people you know. Sign-up your family,  neighbors, sports team, co-workers, church group, or who ever to come serve as a group. We will work with your group to find the project that fits your group's interest.


SERVE Noblesville not only makes a difference by serving in various ways locally, but spreads the spirit of  service and engagement to our families and communities. This event encourages team building and brings awareness to those who live in our community, and the need for us to all connect. Our Partners show their engagement to the community through their financial support that allows us to fund our projects fully.


Learn about key dates and times for various aspects of SERVE Noblesville. In addition, get the daily schedule so you know when and where to show up, ready to serve!

SERVE Noblesville is adhering to the current CDC guidelines by providing/encouraging:


  • Small Groups 

  • Social Distancing 

  • Outdoor Projects

  • Safe Practices 

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Thursday to Saturday over the first Two Weekends in August

August 6, 7, 8 & 13, 14, 15

SERVE Noblesville invites you to join the community-wide Week of Service Projects. 

SERVE Week 2020 has been reimagined as SERVE Weekends to help stay within state & local guidlines for health & safety. 

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Thank You 

2020 SERVE Week Sponsors!


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